Thinking of Carport Installation? Know the Different Carport Types First!

Being a popular choice for the vehicle storage needs of many Australians, a carport needs no introduction! Available in various types and designs, a carport is a structure built to store vehicles safely in the residential premises. Depending on the size and architectural style of your property as well as your budget, a carport may be an ideal solution for you.

If you have not given it a thought till now, it’s time you do it! You can approach the renowned home improvements company in your city to assess whether you should opt for it or not. If you have already decided to install the carport, then we suggest you learn about the different types of carports to have a clear idea of all the options as it will help you in selecting the best option for fulfilling your requirements.
Carports can be classified into several types based on the number of cars parked, materials used, roof styles, duration of use and customization. It’s not possible to cover all these types in a single blog post. Therefore, we have mentioned the carport types based on materials used in constructing them.
Offering the services for carport installation in Penrith, Blacktown and other Western Suburbs of Sydney for the past many years, we have built many types of carports and have always completed the project within the stipulated timeframe.

Different Types of Materials used for Carports

It makes complete sense to know about the different types of materials with which carports can be constructed before investing in the Carport Installation.

1. Steel
Made from galvanized steel sheets, Steel Carports are highly strong and durable. They are usually coated with rust-protection paint and can be customized to get the desired colour and finish. They require low maintenance and are significantly cheaper than the traditional garages.

2. Aluminium
Built out of aluminium rods, Aluminium Carports are lightweight, sturdy and hard-wearing. Along with being affordable, they are available in many different sizes. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are simple to install and easy to maintain.

3. Wood
Having the immense strength, Wooden Carports can be used for a long time. Not only are they inexpensive but also very attractive. As a material, wood has versatility, and so, it can be used to build carports in many sizes and shapes. However, you must choose the right kind of timber.

4. PVC
Being an extremely cheaper alternative, PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride Carports are preferred by many homeowners. PVC pipes are installed in the ground to build a carport. These pipes are lightweight and waterproof. But, you must buy high-quality PVC carports to get the benefit of wind resistance.

5. Concrete
Considered as an environmentally-friendly option, Concrete Carports enhance the curb appeal of the house. You can choose either plain concrete or a suitable finish type from the decorative concrete, such as coloured concrete, exposed aggregate and stamped concrete.

Every material has its pros and cons, and so, before selecting the material for your new carport, you must research a bit or inform your contractor about your specific needs, and they will recommend the perfect option for you, thereby saving you all the hassles. We have expertise in choosing the right material for the carport and completing the installation on time.

We will talk about the carport types based on other classifications in our next blog posts. Meanwhile, if you want to ask anything about carports or require carport installation in Blacktown, Penrith, and nearby areas call us on 0410437558 or write to us at

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